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Antiox® VCI Film Bags and Covers

Antiox® VCI Anticorrosive Film Bags and Covers, the standard VCI packaging.

The Antiox® VCI Bags and Covers, Nitrite free, make the packaging process easier and create a protective closed atmosphere in a very easy way. The Antiox® VCI Bags are made of polyethylene film.

  • Antiox® VCI Bags for small parts.
  • Antiox® VCI Bags with ZIP closure.
  • Antiox® VCI Covers for boxes and containers.
    • 1200x800x600mm.
    • 1200x800x800mm.
    • 1200x1000x800mm.
  • Antiox® VCI Bags and Covers for standard GALIA and KLT boxes.
  • Antiox® VCI customized Bags and Covers.

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